Leveraging LinkedIn to Win More Clients

According to Forbes, 78% of B2B sellers using social networks like LinkedIn outperform their peers using traditional sales methods. LinkedIn is a powerful business development tool, but you have to keep up to get the most from it. LinkedIn rolled out major changes in 2015: - New Messaging Format - New Groups Interface and Policies - New Mobile Platform All of these changes provide opportunities to connect with more prospects and strengthen relationships with existing customers, but you can only reap the benefits if you know how to use them. Join Social Selling expert Kurt Shaver as he demonstrates the actions to take now to set yourself up for Social Selling success in 2016.

Brain Foods for Brain Power

CEO. Chief Executive Officer. The CEO takes on many roles within a company: setting the strategy and direction of the company, setting the company’s culture and, building and leading the senior executive team. All of these roles require a lot of brain power. Unfortunately, for many CEO’s, their typical diet detracts from brain power instead of promoting it. Healthy food fuels our body, as well as our minds, nourishing cells within the brain that allows for cognitive functioning. Getting enough nutrients supports cognitive functioning, while nutrient deficiencies decrease cognition. Incorporating fats and protein into your diet is crucial for maintaining cognitive function. Foods li

How HR & Marketing Can Build a Better Brand Together

Enduring brands are built by people—not ads, clicks or views. Marketing has traditionally taken the lead in communicating the corporate brand promise, but when it comes to delivering on those promises, it’s people from all around the organization who have to do the meticulous work of successfully bringing the brand promise to life. In fact, employees need to do many things (often behind the scenes) that are “on brand” across dozens of customer touch points. Ultimately, it’s the organizational culture—”the way things are done around here”—that becomes the true brand differentiator. That’s precisely why HR has a significant role to play in the process. It’s time to recognize and leverage t

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