Product Detail? or 15 Minute Concept Commitment?

“Let me tell you about my product. It is fast, easy to use, large enough, while small enough, it is cheap to buy and high value to use. My product was years in development and used 3 different design process models that tested for compliance and security considerations based on cloud or LAN deployment. There is very little user training required and maintenance is available 365 days a year and 24 hours every day.” When we tell someone what we do (we normally sound just like our competitors) or what our product does, we have to hope the suspect cares enough to listen. Since we use words that have many interpretations and are the same words used by our competitors, we have to hope the

Remote Control: The Art of Engaging & Motivating Offsite Personnel

The number of remote workers and globally distributed teams is increasing in today's international working environment, and research indicates that within the next few years, up to 40 percent of us will directly answer to someone who doesn't work in the organization's central headquarters. So while companies may reap the benefits of lower overhead costs with more and more work-from-home employees, as well as the benefits that stem from collaboration with across-the-ocean cross-functional teams, the challenges this phenomena represents for organizations are numerous. Employees working from home or distant peripheral offices can quickly become disconnected from a central office, feel demotiv

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