Understanding the Millennial Generation

College graduations are over, the cap and gowns have been put away, and another wave of young professionals are entering the workforce. These grads are just a portion of the millennial population, those born from 1980 to 1995. These young professionals will greatly affect labor demographics, which will shift by the end of 2015 with millennials as the dominating group. As a young generation, millennials are often misunderstood. They are associated with constantly being tied to their phones, tablets and app-driven communities, and are often labeled with a reputation of arrogance. But according to a study conducted by MTV Insights titled "No Collar Workers," what could be interpreted as self-im

Executives Find Support in Peer Groups Forums offer CEOs a place to discuss concerns

Members of the group have developed a friendship, said Marcus, of South Bend Warehouse & Distribution, but "aren't soft on one another. "When one brings up a tough subject, that person better be able to take tough responses or they are in the wrong group," Marcus said. "We are fair and respectful to one another, but not necessarily easy," he added. "I use it as a sounding board for different issues that come before me. The knowledge and experience in the room is awesome, and being able to tap into it affords me information that I otherwise would have limited access to."

The Circle of Leadership

I love to learn! Some believe many good leaders are born not made, yet not many can remain strong leaders unless they constantly sharpen their skills and look for ways to grow. Any chance I get, I listen to TED Talks to watch great speakers share their knowledge, and I gain great inspiration. I am constantly looking for ways to keep my edge, whether it is reading self-help and leadership books or taking classes to keep me on my game. I recently had the good fortune to attend the Meeting Professionals International World Education Congress in San Francisco and decided to continue my learning by attending Dean Savoca’s session, “Increase Influence—Discover Eight Attributes of Successful Leader

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