Board Helps Companies Define Staffing Needs And Hiring Qualifications

Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS helps presidents and owners of small and mid-sized companies solve the very real problems of running a successful business. A CEO's need for current knowledge and new skills is greater now than it has been at any time in business history. In search of solid and practical solutions to real-life business dilemmas, hundreds of CEOs in over 42 cities nationwide are joining Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS advisory boards. The value of the Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS advisory board is that it very quickly lets a member determine his firm's key strengths and also assess where he might be unprotected. The monthly advisory board meeting is usually the only time the pers

How to Increase Sales in ANY Economy

For 4 decades, Jeff has been working internationally with organizations of all sizes to help them achieve measurable and sustainable sales improvements. Clients like Aramark, Cisco, Siemens, Citibank and many others of all sizes and industries trust his knowledge, experience and training when it comes to improving sales. Clients like his “real-world,” results-driven approach to selling, and enjoy the way his background in theatre and stand-up comedy helps make learning to sell more effectively, fun!


I recently had a client ask me the following question: “In the past several weeks, Pokémon Go has created a widespread distraction in my workplace. How may I legally reduce the negative impact that this game may be having with my employees’ productivity and, more importantly, their safety?” I found his concerns to be well placed. With this game’s rising popularity are valid concerns of employee productivity and, yes, their safety. We all can agree that this is not the first distraction thanks to smartphone and related technology and, of course, it will not be the last. Reasonably written and fairly enforced policies will convey to your employees what types of behavior are permissible and

Leveraging Neuroscience to Improve Company Culture

Getting employee engagement right has always been a mixture of art and science. There are numerous research studies, models and frameworks that are crucial to operationalizing engagement initiatives, but when dealing with the beautiful complexities of human nature, we can’t underestimate the importance of the nuanced artistic touches needed to make those initiatives really click. With so much to get right, and with so much at stake, leaders would be well-served to utilize every tool available, and neuroscience may prove to be a valuable additional tool for you. Neuroscience is a powerful tool Neuroscience is defined as the scientific study of the nervous system, but it’s specifica

Keith McFarland Interview with Jim Canfield

The importance of outside feedback for a growing company. Jim Canfield interviews Keith McFarland about the importance of outside feedback through a source like Renaissance Executive Fourms. Keith McFarland is the author of the best-selling business book, The Breakthrough Company. Jim Canfield is CEO of Renaissance Executive Forums.

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