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June 24th (virtual) - Let's Talk Recovery Strategies - Les McKeown (virtual)
July 23rd (virtual)-Sell More Now and For Years To Come Alex Goldfayn (virtual)
August 20th (virtual)-Words Matter - Especially in Turbulent TimesSam Horn (virtual)

September 1st - Leadership Summit 2020  Predictable Success - Keynote Speaker  Les McKeown (virtual)

September 17 -Thinking Like a Futurist - Wendy Swire (virtual)

July 21(virtual)
August 18(virtual)
September 1(virtual)
October 20
November 17
December 15

Lee Self

July 9(virtual)
August 13(virtual)
Sept 1(virtual)
October 8
November 12
December 10

"Leadership Summit 2020"

Top Executive Forum
2nd Thursday Dates: 
Top Executive Forum
3rd Tuesday Dates: 
Key Executive Forum
1st Tuesday Dates: 
July 7(virtual)
August 4(virtual)
September 1(virtual)
October 6
November 3
December 1

July 14(virtual)
August 11(virtual)
September 1(virtual)
October 13
November 10
December 8

Kathleen Crow

Key Executive Forum 
2nd Tuesday Dates: 

Donna Pearring

Josef Martens Ph.D CSP

July 15(virtual)
August 19(virtual)
September 1(virtual)
October 21
November 18
December 16

Tech Executive Forum 
1st Tuesday Dates: 


of Northern Virginia (NOVA)
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Our Forums meet as follows:
Top Executive Forum Leader:  Lee Self
•  Thursday Forum (second Thursday of each month)
•  Tuesday Forum (third Tuesday of each month)
Key Executive Forum Leader:  Kathleen Crow
•  Tuesday Forum - (second Tuesday of each month)

Key Executive Forum Leader: Donna Pearring

•  Tuesday Forum - (first Tuesday of each month)

Tech Executive Forum Leader: Josef Martens Ph.D. CSP

•  Wednesday Forum - (third Wednesday of each month)

Contact us to learn more.

Lee Self, CEO, Executive Forums NOVA   703.402.5065  LSelf@ExecutiveForums.com

Kathleen Crow Facilitator  703.477.0292  KCrow@ExecutiveForums.com

Donna Pearring, Facilitator  202.255.1726  DPearring@ExecutiveForums.com

Josef Martens Ph.D CSP  JMartens@ExecutiveForums.com