Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS of Northern Virginia (NOVA) is affiliated with Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS, Inc., based in La Jolla, CA. The company has Forum groups in over 50 cities and ten countries throughout the Western Hemisphere. Our programs are designed to help Top Executives get from where they are now to where they want to be, both personally and professionally.


This affiliation provides the NOVA organization with resources, support, and connections to small business experts that keep our members on the cutting edge of new ideas and technology.

Together, the national office and the NOVA organization offer a variety of tools, training and support services to help our members reach their goals and achieve their vision. See Programs for details on these services.




Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS is celebrating 15 years of learning and business success in Northern Virginia under Lee Self's leadership. Since 2003, Lee has brought together over 50 Northern Virginia business owners, CEOs, and presidents in business advisory groups. By sharing collective experiences, Forum members learn how to grow their businesses and their own leadership capabilities. Lee currently facilitates three EXECUTIVE FORUMS, providing executive coaching in addition to group facilitation to accelerate business performance and personal success for top executives.


She is an active member of the National Capital Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth, and the High Tech Prayer Breakfast Board of Directors.  Lee also served as President of the Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS Franchise Advisory Board and in 2005, was named Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS Partner of the Year.


A twenty-year veteran of the communications industry, Lee advanced rapidly to senior leadership at Verizon (then Bell Atlantic) as Vice President, General Business Market Management. She directed the company's Yellow Pages marketing and advertising program, managed relationships with interexchange and cellular carriers, was a certified facilitator and continuous learning coach, chaired customer advisory boards, and served on the board of the Research Institute for Small and Emerging Business (RISE). Lee moved on to become Vice President of Strategic Relations for Interland, Inc. (now Web.com), a leader in the web hosting industry. She played a key role in the success of this emerging internet company, expanding their strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 service providers as well as leading-edge technology solutions partners.


Lee received her MBA from George Mason University, her B.S. from the University of Virginia's McIntire School Commerce, and lives in Fairfax, VA.

Donna leads one of the two Key Executive Forums for Renaissance Executive Forums in Northern Virginia, where she facilitates Forums designed to support senior leaders, who are focused on growing their business, their teams, and themselves though an entrusted environment.  Her members find that being part of the Forum has enabled them to make better informed decisions, grow and change their businesses, be open to new possibilities, feel less isolated and able to inspire their employees to achieve the desired goals. 
Donna has over 30 years of practical business, managerial, and leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM and Siemens.
After spending fifteen years as an M&A Investment Banking professional working with successful business owners and their teams, Kathi became a certified executive coach and formed Golden Leadership Coaching. She is a trusted advisor to senior leadership where she assists and develops executives into the effective leaders they desire to be. She specializes in providing executive and leadership coaching and consulting services to entrepreneurs and senior executives and their leadership teams in finance, technology, analytical/engineering, Non-Profit and Government Contracting. As a Renaissance Executive Forum Leader, Kathi will add the power of peer insights and perspectives to the equation as she helps leaders navigate change and get to the next level!

I am honored to join Lee Self’s Renaissance Executive Forums team in Northern Virginia! Lee has been bringing together business owners, CEOs, presidents in business advisory groups for over 15 years. As a Renaissance Executive Forum Leader, I will work with Key Executives and add the power of peer insights and perspectives to the equation as I help leaders navigate change and get to the next level!

A scientist in his 'previous life', more recently, Josef Martens, Ph.D, has spent over 20 years working with clients and facilitating groups of all kinds and sizes. His background allows him to connect well with analytical leaders (especially scientists, engineers and technology professionals). He's able to help them and their teams address behavior, skills and their way of being so that they are able to find new solutions, break existing and limiting patterns and achieve new levels of success.

His clients are organizations that deal with complexity and change, and they want to implement new solutions to deal with it. They want to move their performance from good to great, so that everyone in the organization improves their output, reduces risks, and drives radical growth. Most of his clients have an analytical workforce with deep subject matter expertise. Knowledge is of high value to them and despite (or because of) their expertise they sometimes overlook that other factors are more important in leadership and in building relationships.

"I feel that my expertise and what Lee Self’s Renaissance Executive Forums team in Northern Virginia are perfectly aligned.  I help smart people be great leaders and organizations create a culture of creativity and innovation. The outcome: increasing bottom-line results, growing customer relationships, improving leadership, and nurturing a culture of creativity and innovation. I am excited to be a part of this REF NOVA team."


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Our Forums meet as follows:
Top Executive Forum Leader:  Lee Self
•  Thursday Forum (second Thursday of each month)
•  Tuesday Forum (third Tuesday of each month)
Key Executive Forum Leader:  Kathleen Crow
•  Tuesday Forum - (second Tuesday of each month)

Key Executive Forum Leader: Donna Pearring

•  Tuesday Forum - (first Tuesday of each month)

Tech Executive Forum Leader: Josef Martens Ph.D. CSP

•  Wednesday Forum - (third Wednesday of each month)