Strategies for Success

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A conscious business starts with conscious leadership. The Professional Day of Strategies for Success draws on the industry-leading idea of Conscious Capitalism, by Raj Sisodia and John Mackey. Conscious Capitalism is for any business leader hoping to build a more cooperative, humane and positive future.  We help you look at your business through the lens of the Conscious Capitalism elements: Purpose, Stakeholders, and Leadership. Self-analysis guides the development of objectives and a prioritized action list to help apply the insights gained through the day’s program to your Work in 2020.

The new Renaissance Leader is keenly aware and consciously intent on, continuously Reinventing, Expanding, and Integrating the 3 dimensions of Work, Self, and Life in order to thrive, not just survive, in an ever-quickening, complex world.

Renaissance Executive Forums (REF) orchestrates the power of collective genius, industry-leading methodologies, and a curated global platform to expand awareness and stimulate discoveries that integrate the three dimensions of a Renaissance Leader: Work | Self | Life

Each year, REF hosts Strategies for Success as a retreat to grow together, both personally and professionally.

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Our Forums meet as follows:
Top Executive Forum Leader:  Lee Self
•  Thursday Forum (second Thursday of each month)
•  Tuesday Forum (third Tuesday of each month)
Key Executive Forum Leader:  Kathleen Crow
•  Tuesday Forum - (second Tuesday of each month)

Key Executive Forum Leader: Donna Pearring

•  Tuesday Forum - (first Tuesday of each month)

Tech Executive Forum Leader: Josef Martens Ph.D. CSP

•  Thursday Forum - (fourth Thursday of each month)