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Jim Neighbors - "Opportunities with the World's Biggest Buyer:Tapping into Trends in the US Federal Government.  " 

The US Federal Government represents one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. This sector depends on commercial enterprises to keep pace with technological advancements. REF Members will benefit from understanding the trends in this marketplace to identify strategic opportunities and understand its impact on the overall economy - especially during this US election and pandemic year. 

In this Special Talk, Members connected with each other to explore mutual opportunities and expand into the US Federal Government marketplace.

Jim Neighbors
Focusing Forward Founder

Former Senior Executive of the Secretary of Defense.
Former CIO for the Headquarters of the Air Force.


Andy Maurer - "The New Science of Toxic Stress (And How It’s Impacting Your Leadership)" 

Toxic stress negatively impacts some of the key qualities of successful leaders, including performance, emotional intelligence, and creativity. Members will learn how to identify toxic stress in their own lives and how to implement strategies to become more emotionally whole.
*Conversation will be in English

Andy Maurer

Emotional wellness coach for high level leaders. Specialized in leadership, emotional wholeness, and trauma.

Thursday 17th of December
12:00pm - 1:00pm (EST) / Lima (GMT-5)


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