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Kevin Robinson, CEO, MTSI

Kevin Robinson, CEO of MTSI

"The most important benefit is having a group of peers where you can talk about anything in a very open and honest way. It's a very safe place - a group of people you really trust who share candid feedback and advice on challenges like organizational change, strategic planning, and personnel issues."

Tara Carcillo, President,

Kendall Holbrook, CEO of Dev Technology Group

"You're really pulling from the knowledge of the crowd, versus just completely being dependent on yourself.  It's just a whole set of different perspectives, and I think that's what's most valuable."

Tara Carcillo, President, The Clearing

Tara Carcillo, President of The Clearing

"Often there are times where I need a place to just kind of ask critical questions.  Lee and those she invites to join the group create chemistry so you can sit in a protected place if you need to, but also be really vulnerable if that's what's warranted in order for you to grow, learn and be better back at your company."

Srini Bayireddy, CEO, Navitas

Srini Bayireddy, CEO of Navitas

"I'm growing, and this is the place where I'm going to go to the next level and I know I can see that.  I really want to be with that set of people who has done that ahead of me, so I can take the best practices out of that and build a company the right way."

Conor Nicholson, Founder/CEO, NSS RPO

Conor Nicholson, Founder/CEO, NSS RPO

"Lee Self is a revelation...selfless and a powerful presence.  She makes you want to lead with compassion and do the right thing.  Few approach her ability to connect with, understand and guide leadeers through the issues they face.  It can get lonely when leading an organization, so Lee's peer group was exactly what I needed to get my company and myself to the next level.  It serves as my informal Executive Board and as long as I run NSS, I'll be a part of Lee's group."

Ruth Eisenhauer, President, Legend Management Group

Ruth Eisenhauer, President, Legend Management Group

Executive Forum Member for 20 years

“I’m a charter member of my Forum for 20 years.  My Forum peers give advice to approach whatever change I need to make.  The group has made me feel more confident about running the company.  I don’t think I could have helped the company grow so much without their help.  We reduced turnover by getting our employees involved, and learned about effective management systems to communicate and plan.”

Robert Acosta, President & CEO, Ventera Corporation

Robert Acosta, President & CEO, Ventera Corporation

"What’s unique about the Executive Forum is the facilitator, Lee Self...she makes it all about us. The people that Lee has attracts are great — some have become some of my best business friends. The Executive Forum is an environment of trust where you can talk about anything.  It really helps you think - “What do you really want out of life and how does it all fit together?” Taking a break to think once a month is something that most CEOs don’t do. My best learning comes from looking at other businesses, distilling it down to the core issues, and bringing that back to mine.  I have seen people go through a transformation of thinking, and it’s extraordinary.."

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