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Forum Membership


CEOs, top executives and tech executives from non-competing companies of similar size, come together into an advisory board process through which they gain fresh ideas and new insights.




We offer Peer Advisory Groups, executive coaching, and leadership development for Top Executives, Key Executives, and Tech Executives. Our Forums provide a safe place for members to share business and leadership challenges and receive experience-based feedback from their peers. We meet monthly for a half-day, addressing these three components:

  1. Educational Topic - Local Thought Leaders lead an Educational discussion on topics that matter most to Forum members.

  2. Focused Executive - We focus on one member each month to hear an update and share experiences and perspectives on their most critical challenge or opportunity.

  3. Roundtable - Forum members raise questions, challenges, and issues, receiving feedback and fresh perspectives from their peers.


All Forum Members have access to professional coaching and one-on-ones with their Forum Leader, to address their leadership development priorities.



Our exclusive annual off-site is held at a special destination and features educational programs designed for professional and personal growth in a relaxed and interactive experience.

Peer groups and one-to-one executive coaching are complementary...

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