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Why Does Purpose Matter?

Why does purpose matter? Embracing corporate #purpose isn't about virtue signaling or following the latest business trends. It's about enhancing your top and bottom lines' performance by unlocking #growth and profits, attracting, retaining, and energizing employees, achieving social impact, and inspiring customers. Organizational purpose rests at the intersection of who you are and what needs to fulfill in the world. It's the underlying reason your organization exists, and it is timeless. Consider the profound impact of purpose, highlighted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG):

At Renaissance Executive Forums, we are a global community of business #leaders evolving together through collective intelligence. We are connected leaders; our open communication and sharing of best practices multiply our impact.

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Interested in joining us for one of the speakers in our 2021 Future of Work Series?

Executive Forums NoVA has a great lineup of speakers and dates. This is a virtual series and we would love to have you join us. See the latest speakers scheduled and register today!


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