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5 Ways to Improve Yourself by 1% Each Day

We must become people who wake up with intention, are clear on their goals, know what needs to get done, and when something goes wrong, we must be the first to admit it. These people know that success is a process and are willing to go through it, knowing it will ladder up to something bigger. These people create the life they want to live and don't accept anything less.

How do we live a life by "Design" instead of life by "Default"? At REF, we gather in peer groups based on trust and commitment, support each other on crucial decisions, achieve our goals, and build an extraordinary life.

Discover REF here:

At Renaissance Executive Forums, we are a global community of business #leaders evolving together through collective intelligence. We are connected leaders; our open communication and sharing of best practices multiply our impact. Learn more about us here:


Interested in joining us for one of the speakers in our 2021 Future of Work Series?

Executive Forums NoVA has a great lineup of speakers and dates. This is a virtual series and we would love to have you join us. See the latest speakers scheduled and register today!


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