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Strategic Leadership for the Digital Economy

Businesses are transforming, the nature of work is changing, and workforce values are evolving. Amid this perfect storm of digital and cultural changes, leaders must set a tone of #agility as well as experimentation if they want their organization and employees to succeed. “Long-term success is not just determined by what you achieve alone,” but also by how #leaders empower, engage, support, and elevate colleagues and teams in the #eco system around them . MIT Sloan School of Management explained the skills and behaviors leaders need to be effective managers of digital business, the four weak spots that can stand in their way and four recommendations for embracing a new #leadership playbook:

We believe evolved and connected leaders are a positive force in the world. At Renaissance Executive Forums, we are visionary leaders. Since good is never good enough, we challenge each other to break barriers and continuously evolve together. Learn more about us here:


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