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The 10 commandments of running a family business

Running a family business brings special challenges.

Following these "10 Commandments of Family Business" will help ensure success:

1. Thou shalt work harder than thy non-family employees

2. Thou shalt think of thy company's needs before thy own

3. Thou shalt not badmouth thy company or family to outsiders

4. Thou shalt be accountable and follow through

5. Thou shalt match authority with the responsibility that thou delegate

6. Thou shalt make thy job easy to understand so others can do it in thy absence and train thy replacement if thou shalt leave thy job

7. Thou shalt move aside when thy security needs conflict with thy company's growth needs and when thy fear clouds thy vision

8. Thou shalt remove dead wood early

9. Thou shalt treat thy customers and thy employees better than thou expect in return

10. Thou shalt listen to thy trusted and respected advisors or replace them with ones thou trust and respect

Dr. Mark Goulston is a principal and board member at the transdisciplinary consulting company Alchemy. He's also a speaker, CEO, coach, and author of seven books, including "Get Out of Your Own Way," "Just Listen" and "Talking to Crazy." Goulston contributes to Harvard Business Review and Psychology Today, and he's a contributing host to "It's Your Health" with Lisa Davis on NPR and commercial radio stations. He's a former crisis psychiatrist, UCLA professor and FBI hostage negotiation trainer.

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