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Board Helps Companies Define Staffing Needs And Hiring Qualifications

Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS helps presidents and owners of small and mid-sized companies solve the very real problems of running a successful business. A CEO's need for current knowledge and new skills is greater now than it has been at any time in business history. In search of solid and practical solutions to real-life business dilemmas, hundreds of CEOs in over 42 cities nationwide are joining Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS advisory boards. The value of the Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS advisory board is that it very quickly lets a member determine his firm's key strengths and also assess where he might be unprotected. The monthly advisory board meeting is usually the only time the person at the top can escape all the interruptions and really focus on the health and future of his company. Each member gets counsel that will absolutely make him more successful in his business. If a member implements one good idea he gets from his peers on the board, he can earn or save his company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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