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Transform for Resilience-An Imperative for Good Times Too

Resilience has risen to the top of the strategic agenda for CEOs, and leaders are working to increase preparedness for future crises. This research indicates that resilience creates significant value and does so well beyond times of crisis, that nearly two-thirds of long-run outperformers do better than peers in response to shocks. Countries that improved their ability to convert wealth into well-being since the global financial crisis has seen a smaller drop in their real GDP growth rate in 2020, while those countries that didn’t, saw a correspondingly larger drop. To thrive in the upcoming decade, companies must develop resilience—the ability to withstand unpredictable threats or change and then to emerge stronger. McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Harvard Business Review have collected valuable insights to help CEOs stay on top of their game.

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